Small Business Linux Server

  • Webstorm has the capability to proficiently install a Linux server for your organization. We will also maintain the server hardware and software at a flat monthly rate.

    What can this server do for my organisation?

    This server provides services to other computers on the network which include, the sending and receiving of emails (Email Server), hosting of websites (Web Server), storing of files and documents (File Server) and allows for the creation and hosting of MySQL databases. This server also provides excellent network security by acting as a web filter and intrusion detector thereby protecting your network devices from malicious files and hack attempts. This server can also monitor and filter all your internet traffic giving you complete control over your staff’s internet usage thereby increasing productivity and decreasing internet costs.

    Please read the comprehensive list of features below
  • Package Includes
    • Supply Server Hardware
    • Configure Server
    • Install Hardware
    • Remote Management
    • 48 Hour Replacement
    • 1/2 Hour Telephonic support p/m
    • Antispam, Antivirus (license req)
    • SMTP
    • POP and IMAP servers
    • Webmail
    • Filtering
    • Banner ad blocking
    Firewall & Security
    • 1-to-1 NAT support
    • DMZ support
    • Stateful Firewall
    • Intrusion detection,prevention
    Windows file server
    • AppleShare file server
    • Printing
    • Print server support
    • Printer sharing
    Network Support
    • Cable Modem
    • 802.11b Wireless
    • Internal DHCP server
    • Caching DNS server
  • Web Server
    • Apache web server
    • Support for CGI and PHP
    • Secure/SSL support
    Web Proxy
    • Content filtering
    • Bandwidth manager
    • Website Cache
    • MySQL Database
    VPN Server
    • IPsec VPN
    • PPTP VPN
    • Managed/Dynamic VPN
    File Services
    • FTP server

Why a Webstorm Linux Server?

    • No expensive IT server charges
    • Linux Servers are a stable platform
    • Security at its best
    • Supports all internet connections
    • Adds network functionality to your company
    • All your server requirements at R450 per month once off setup R1500