Webstorm IPBX

  • A South African designed and manufactured IP based Telephony system that is tested and tried. Linux based operating System with world class PBX software on a high spec chassis that will not leave you stranded.

    We recognise that your voice communication system is the life blood of your business and as such Webstorm has done extensive research to identify the most suitable IP based PBX for our local conditions.

  • This Service Offers

    You can rent from Webstorm and bill your users. This requires some management on your side and a bit of support to users. Webstorm will bill you for the total data consumed and a monthly rental of the equipment. You decide how much (if anything at all) you bill the end users.

    • It's very cost effective
    • It's scalable to suit small to large users (also perfect for call centre)
    • Long term after sales service ensured.
    • Functionality includes all known PBX related functions such as:
    • It's Linux based for superior stability.
    • The hardware is designed for the application.
    • Continued software development is done.

    • Answering message
    • Voice login
    • IVR (Interactive voice response i.e. for Sales dial 1, for accounts dial 2)
    • Voicemail for all users
    • Call recording (can record all voice traffic even inter office calls)
    • Conference facilities
    • Facilitates TMS (Telephone Management Systems)
    • Facilitates Analogue and IP
      • Analogue Telkom lines
      • ISDN Basic rate and PRI Primary rate lines
      • SIP trunks
      • Analogue phones (including cordless phones – DECT, IP based etc)
      • IP Phones
      • IP soft Phones

    The conversion of voice to data is seamless and VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) works like a dream. VoIP can be implemented and all that is required is a sturdy Internet connection such as an ADSL line. This will greatly reduce Telephone Call Costs and facilitate near free inter branch calls.

    When Webstorm implement VoIP on your new IPBX and calls are routed via Webstorm at reduced rates, you pay NO Internet bandwidth costs.

    Both Cash purchase as well as Financed rentals can be facilitated.

    For more information please do contact our sales guys on: 086 1101 527

SOHO Solution

    • VoIP PBX with IP Cordless Phones
    • Up to 3 In/Out bound lines and up to 6 cordless extensions
    • From as little as R 2,500 !

Hosted PBX Available

  • Plug your IP phone into any Internet connection and you are instantly connected at your own known extension (just if you were at the office) even in your hotel room in London! What's more, for your convenience, your calls are billed on your Office bill in South Africa !

    • No Capital outlay for a new PBX
    • Quick deployment.
    • Save on all your calls